Erised Night

by Erised Night

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Erised Night's Debut EP


released March 30, 2012

Thanks to Lena Gabrielle Weinstein for letting me cover her song, Rachel Wach for agreeing to do a filk with me and Katie Curtis who is far more musically inclined than I am.




ErisedNight San Antonio, Texas

Just a lonely little one Witch Band:

ErisedNight is an experimental, Wizard Rock band consisting entirely of Rachel Keeler(vocals) and her free music software computer program (piano chords).

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Track Name: Erised Night - Everyone is on Pottermore (But Me)
Everyone is on Pottermore
When the first days clue came via magic quill, I thought to myself, what a thrill
Then I stayed up all night with my friends on the line
Now I’m sitting here still staring at my inbox and she’s got hers and he’s got his and they’ve got theirs
So I have to wonder where the hell is mine

I’m like that kid who never got picked for kickball
Or the girl who didn’t get asked to the Yule ball
Or that Guy from the old man and the sea
Like an old maid who never found love
Or Michael Jackson’s missing glove
Seems like everyone is on Pottermore but me

I’m really trying to sympathize
When my friend is telling me the sorting had lies
Just because it didn’t put him in Gryffindor
But it’s getting really hard not to feel jealous
When I would gladly play for evil slytherin
Just as long as it meant that I belonged in a Hogwarts dorm
Now I understand how Aunt Petunia feels
And I’m forcing down my muggle meals
While fighting off the urge to call all my friends freaks
I guess I’ll just sit here at my desk
Hitting refresh, refresh, refresh and refresh
‘Till my email comes and Jo Rowling finally speaks
Track Name: Erised Night - The Bells on Christmas Eve
The Bells Ring out this Christmas Eve
They fill the world with warmth and peace
They echo through this cold grave yard
Where through the frost I'm trying hard to find you

My wand is hidden, face unseen
They leave no trace of where I've been
My best friend's hand clutched tight in mine
Can't help but think we're running out of time

If you can hear me calling
Please show me where to grieve
Make my voice ring louder than
The bells this christmas eve

Hermione's voice calls strong and clear
Somehow I know this time you're near
My heart is pounding in my chest
as I reach the place where you've been laid to rest

This marble stone ignites the snow
You do not see, you can not know
That I cry to you with wasted breath
Try to believe you've lived beyond your death

Your voices can't sing out to me
Can't help me to believe
These frozen words read empty as
The Bells this Christmas Eve

The light is fading through my tears
No voice calls out, no sign appears
So, I lay a wreath beside your grave
Dry my eyes, begin to walk away

I thought I heard you call me
Just as I turned to leave
Like a whisper drowned out by
The bells this Christmas Eve

If you hear me calling
Please teach me how to see
The truth I know you've locked inside
The bells this Christmas Eve
Track Name: Erised Night - Starbucks in Harry's World
I’ve been here in Orlando for a while
And the Wizarding World does make me smile
But, while I know butter beer tastes just fine
I can’t help but have something else in mind
See, even with all the magic in this
There’s one muggle think that I miss

I need a starbucks
Could use a mocha frappacino lite
If there was a Starbucks
My park experience would be just right
Put in a starbucks
And you wouldn’t have to expand it at all
‘Cause there’d be a starbucks
In the Wizarding World

Consider Harry’s date with Cho
Who thought Puddifoots was the way to go
But all they got was a crying shame
With kissing couples and only themselves to blame
The whole reason they fought
Lay in choosing the wrong spot

If they’d been at Starbucks
There’d have been no couples snogging
‘Cause no one kisses at starbucks
It’s more of a casual coffee date thing
There’s no pressure at Starbucks
So I’m pretty sure that Cho wouldn’t have cried
If there’d been a Starbucks in Hogsmede

Book six had that plot with Draco Malfoy
Who became you know who’s chosen boy
But the pressure was great, he was freaking out
He had to go into Myrtle's bathroom to pout
But the tables could have switched
With just one little cafien fix

If he’d had a Starbucks
He’d have had a place to work it through
You can’t be evil at Starbucks
I know Draco would have realized that too
He'd have made the correct choice
Then maybe Dumbledore wouldn't have died
If there’d been a Starbucks in Hogwarts

In conclusion, we can now say
That any day can be saved by a non-fat latte
So if the ministry falls or your feelin' poor
Or your souls been stolen by a dementor
There's only one place to go
To solve all of these problems you know

You should always have starbucks
Even Wizards need to work out some strife
If they'd had a Starbucks
Maybe Harry would've had a nice life
If I could nitpick Ms. Rowling
I would change just this one little thing
There should be a Starbucks in Hary's world
Track Name: The Silver Doe is Waiting
Silence Falls on a frost filled night
All alone one lost young man looks towards a light
Dawn did not bring this purest glow
Nor can darkness fade
For there within the snow white glade
The silver doe is waiting

On she trods both meek and mild
On he follows through the forest rough and wild
Now stopping by a glassy lake
Hidden through the trees
Here where dawns light seems to freeze
The silver doe is waiting

Here she stands on sacred ground
Here where earth and water wait without a sound
He crosses softly on the hill
Crosses weighing cost
There beside a golden cross
The silver doe is waiting

Still she calls to those who seek
Still she beckons to the low, the lost, the weak
Here song is heard best on the wind,
In the suns true glow
Her song calls 'Blest are those who know,
The silver doe is waiting'